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Our Treatments

We offer a range of affordable treatments which can be used on their own or as a combination. Below is a brief introduction to each treatment and how you can benefit.

Physical Therapy - Feldenkrais
with Wilfred van Dorp
Offers easier, more comfortable and flexible movement. Excellent for anyone whose movement has become compromised by injuries, illness, operations or simply the stresses of everyday life. Equally beneficial for those in health who are looking to maintain or extend their movement potential. More information here
Therapeutic Balance
with Sally Tyler
A combination of exceptional protocols from both East and West, combined in a soft tissue, pain reduction treatment, using specialised massage skills. More information here.
with Wilfred van Dorp
Homoeopathy uses medicines in dilute form to boost the natural self-healing mechanisms of the body without any toxic side effects. More information here.
Nutritional Advice
with Wilfred van Dorp
Personalised, specialist nutritional advice for people with a condition which has a nutritional component such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, decline in mental functioning (eg Alzheimers) decline in physical functioning (such as loss of energy or libido), arthritis etc. More information here.